The Boston Globe

November 13, 2019

"Use it in place of table salt when you wish to add nuance and raise the flavor level of a dish, or to coat the rim of a Bloody Mary glass"

Herd Nerd in Harvard Magazine

November 01, 2019

Warm your favorite heat-lover’s heart with personalized spice packages created by Herd Nerd.

Edible Food Finds: herd nerd SPICE

November 28, 2018

Read about herd nerd spice and other women-owned food businesses in Boston and beyond.

Burn, Baby, Burn

November 22, 2018

After five formula trials and several blind taste tests, Arlington-based Herd Nerd Spice recently added Burn to its repertoire of multi-use seasonings.

Meet Jennifer Wood of Herd Nerd Spice

August 07, 2018

Every iteration of the recipe (with detailed notes) was tracked in a binder which dates back to 2007. Pretty nerdy, right?

Only the best kind of nerd spends 10 years developing a spice rub

March 07, 2017

"Dust the piquant mixture on a porterhouse or pork chop charring on the grill, or on baked chicken or fish. Its earthy flavors give soup, chili, scrambled eggs, or tofu a complex kick. The tin, with its bright red label of an adorable bespectacled cow, won’t languish in the back of a cupboard." 

Local spice maker expands in New England, New York

March 07, 2018

"With two spice blends available, Wood launched a gift set, featuring one tin of each blend and a recipe card. She hopes to eventually write a cookbook to go along with the gift set, highlighting the unique ways people have used Herd Nerd."

Local couple brings new spice into the Brookline mix

May 10, 2017

"Although originally made for barbecue, Wood said people are using the spice in a wide array of foods including crab cakes, chicken and salmon." -Wicked Local

100+ Women-Powered Businesses You Can Support Today (+ Everyday!)

March 08, 2017

"In the lead up to International Women’s Day (today), I’ve seen a lot of talk about the day being linked to a movement called "A Day Without Women." 

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