What is 

Herd Nerd Spice?

Herd Nerd Spice is a smoky, mildly spicy seasoning that can be used as a rub or blend for your favorite meat, fish,

and vegetarian meals.


We've been refining the recipe for fun for the enjoyment of friends and family for more than 10 years, tracking every tweak and swap in a binder since 2007 

(how nerdy is THAT?).

Also available:

Herd Nerd Hot and Herd Nerd Salt  

Bake chicken

Grill salmon

Rub on pork

Mix with honey

Season gazpacho

Sprinkle on eggs

Whip up a spread

Rim a Bloody Mary

Add to chilis

Sprinkle on corn

and more ...

Put some Herd Nerd on it.

“The tin, with its bright red label of an adorable bespectacled cow, won’t languish in the back of a cupboard"

-The Boston Globe

I gave this to all the foodie people in my family for Christmas and it was a big hit. GET SOME. Trust me. You won't be disappointed. Yummmmm."

-Jennifer B.

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